Thursday, March 27, 2008


Can't I get my stuff together. I have been so unproductive this week. Well, I have done a few good things. I have started back on WW since yesterday and was accountable for all the points I took in although I had a huge Qdoba burrito that was 23 points! Good thing it was my lunch and dinner. I did my group presentation in class yesterday and got my paper done at the last minute. I interviewed for the part time job at Maymont. But I have been incredibly unproductive with work. I have been sooooo tired but really it's just the same stuff I always struggle with. Staying up half the night and then sleeping half the day. I need to make myself get out the bed tomorrow early so I can stop this ridiculous pattern that I am in. I have a feeling that it will bite me in the ass if I don't. The good thing is I was feeling crappy because of my allergies but now I am feeling better.

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