Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Still blogging instead of writing my paper :-) Actually I have three of nine pages complete and both genograms drawn so I have gotten somewhere. I need to take some time to figure out why I am the most unmotivated grad student on the face of the earth. I already made the decision to take a break from school but after the break then what? I kinda have the feeling that by time I figure out what I am doing with myself me and my future husband will already be in the process of starting a family. Speaking of which, in planning for the future I am a little torn between waiting a few years to have a baby or doing it sooner. Sometimes when I am around little ones I get the longing to start a family within the next three years instead of five. But in talking to people who have experience with the whole marriage/kid thing, the vote is always to wait a little while. My logical mind says to wait but the whole girly emotional mind says "awwww cute babies!"

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