Thursday, May 22, 2008

The "Perfect" wedding

Since I have began this process of planning our wedding, I have been doing a lot of research. Looking at wedding books and magazines, I come across the phrase "Perfect Wedding" all too often. I think that the idea of a perfect anything is absolutely ridiculous. This is why women turn into super bitchy bridezillas. They have the expectation that everyone and everything surrounding "their" day will be so perfect. I try to keep it real with myself. This is our wedding, not my friends or family. Yes, I know they are happy for us and are willing to help but their lives continue to go on. And really ours do to. I can't drop everything to plan a one day event. I have to actually do other stuff! I think it's wonderful that my friends are helping me out when I ask them to. I love that they bring ideas to the table. Do I expect them to be my bridal slaves? NO. Do I expect them to think every detail is interesting. NO. And that's fine. Sometimes the details bore me! :-) I just want this to be a fun (for the most part) process and I want the wedding day to be a kick ass party that starts a lifetime of good times for us. It's only the beginning of our journey as a family. I am already looking past that to the kids we will have, the big house we will buy, the traveling we will do, the quality time spent with our friends, us being able to retire together and sit on the porch in our swing and play with our grandbabies. That stuff is not perfect but it's real.

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