Friday, June 27, 2008

It's a process

To do anything well and to maintain it means working at it everyday. I realized that there are truly no days off, at least not from everything. I take the time about once a week to clean and organize the house but I don't spend time each day on the upkeep of my hard work. So, at the end of the week I am once again left with a mess and the overwhelming feeling that comes with it. I can't just take off from cleaning in the middle of the week because of course it will all catch up with me. I know that this seems like common sense but I guess it is just now crossing my mind.

Onto other topics: Today I created a vision board for my life. I have been putting into place the law of attraction into my life. I see that it works. So this vision board is my way of plotting the course ahead and keeping my eyes on my goals. I am very excited about realizing all of my potential.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Why are so many people, including myself, overweight? I think it comes down to two major causes: laziness and poor planning. For example- I have been working a new job since last week. This job has me out in the community so there is no lunch room to store a lean cuisine or other healthy lunch options. Of course I could pack a salad or a sandwich or something like that, but I don't. So for the past two weeks I have ate lunch out everyday. This is not good for my waistline nor my wallet. I know that I am not the only one who does this. It is just so convenient to go out and let someone else prepare your food for you. I actually like to cook but lately I have been having to drag myself into the kitchen to make meals. How am I going to cope when I have to feed kids? I always said I would not be one of those moms who feed her kids McDonald's or other junk on a regular basis, however I can now clearly see how that happens.

But onto another topic that is related: I love my job! I know it's early but I have picked up on positive vibes from those people I work with and I believe that this job will finally offer me a real chance and professional and personal growth. I am on my grind with my eye on retiring at the age of 55.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back on the wagon

I have been so bad with weight watchers here lately. I need to tap back into my motivation and really buckle down and do this. Especially because I have so many things to look my best for coming up in the next 10 months. I know it will be difficult but I just need to do it. So here goes my billioneth attempt at living a somewhat healthy lifestyle. I will miss Five Guys :-(

Sunday, June 22, 2008

26 years

Happy Birthday to me! I don't quite feel any different yet but I guess 26 feels no different then 25.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Lately I have been all about the hustle. I am working on my full time job (which I love by the way) two part-time ones (which offer me the luxury of a discount at three nice stores), and I am in the process of launching my crafts business. Also, I am going to be helping a friend/associate start up his non-profit organization.

I am soooo excited about setting goals, visioning them, and watching them come to fruition.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I just wanted to say...

Happy 50th post to me!!!!!!!

Lol a lil more


My friends might just do this at the wedding...


A new start

It is amazing what a new job ( at a place where you already know the people) can do to improve one's outlook. I started my new job today and it felt like home. I did my internship there four years ago. At that time I was very much appreciated although I was an unpaid overworked college student. My supervisor gave me lots of guidance and many a great recommendation. The other department I interned in gave me a going away party, which according to them, they had never done for their previous interns.

Now that I am back with many of the people I was with before I know that I will not only work hard but be rewarded for it in so many ways. It's crazy, but all of the experiences I had between my internship and now prepared me for the unique skill set that is required of the current job I have. I often wondered why I did not get a job at this place after I completed my internship and now I have the answer. God wanted me to gain the experiences to have the right knowledge and an appreciation for good people. As a 22 year old I would have not fully realized what a blessing it is to be with genuine people. And although I made more money working at a different job, I had to trade off being respected. That is not the case anymore.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Warm fuzzies...

mixed with a little bit of frustration. The engagement party was this weekend and it was nice. I liked seeing the room full of people there to support us as we embark on this journey together. I just wish that my mom would chill out. I mean seriously, it's ridiculous. There were plenty of people on-hand to help her set up and clean up but she was still having a fit over getting stuff done. I am soooooo glad that we hired a wedding coordinator because she would have a melt down on the wedding day if she had to handle it.

On another note, I think that the combining of families will be quite interesting. We are so different from each other. One glaring difference is my family is on time to stuff and his.. not so much.

As we delve more into this process I feel the pressures from various family members to move the wedding up or to have it at a church or to have children there. I know it may be difficult for a lot of my family to understand, but we (as in myself and my fiance) are going to do this thing the way we see fit.

Weddings bring out the best and the worse in people and I am really grateful that I have people in my life to ground me (thanks bridesmaids)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I had my first trip to Miami the over the weekend and it was, for the most part, very nice. The weather was perfect and it was actually hotter at home than it was there. I just wish that I could have had some time to look at it through the lens of a 20-something person and not feel like a child the whole time. Being on a trip with your mom, grandma, and auntie will do that to you. My mom refused to let me drive the rental car, even when she was in it. She actually said " I am not letting my baby drive in Miami and go off by herself." Huh? Last I checked I was a full-grown woman with a mortgage, car payment, fiance, and a dog. In other words, I am responsible. But to her I am still a child. So if she wanted me to be a child then that's what I was. I threw a full on tantrum. Oh, I also got mad with my grandma who said I couldn't drive anywhere because I had one drink, three hours prior! WOW!!!

Well, now that I am experienced the Mia, I plan to go back with my girls. I know that we will paint the town pink :-)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

So... ummmmm

I am laying in bed beside my sleeping fiance blogging at 1:30 am. I think the whole unemployment thing has gotten old now! I keep the craziest schedule. Up all night and sleep all day. I know I will be kicking myself when it comes time to rejoin the real world. I have been able to do a few cool things though, such as clean my house and start my own Etsy store, (shameless plug for the 3 people in this world who read my lil blog) Anyways, I guess I better get some sleep.