Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I had my first trip to Miami the over the weekend and it was, for the most part, very nice. The weather was perfect and it was actually hotter at home than it was there. I just wish that I could have had some time to look at it through the lens of a 20-something person and not feel like a child the whole time. Being on a trip with your mom, grandma, and auntie will do that to you. My mom refused to let me drive the rental car, even when she was in it. She actually said " I am not letting my baby drive in Miami and go off by herself." Huh? Last I checked I was a full-grown woman with a mortgage, car payment, fiance, and a dog. In other words, I am responsible. But to her I am still a child. So if she wanted me to be a child then that's what I was. I threw a full on tantrum. Oh, I also got mad with my grandma who said I couldn't drive anywhere because I had one drink, three hours prior! WOW!!!

Well, now that I am experienced the Mia, I plan to go back with my girls. I know that we will paint the town pink :-)

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Nicki said...

I really look like a crazy person since I'm the only one leaving comments. ANYWHO....I'm ready to paint the town pink.