Monday, June 16, 2008

A new start

It is amazing what a new job ( at a place where you already know the people) can do to improve one's outlook. I started my new job today and it felt like home. I did my internship there four years ago. At that time I was very much appreciated although I was an unpaid overworked college student. My supervisor gave me lots of guidance and many a great recommendation. The other department I interned in gave me a going away party, which according to them, they had never done for their previous interns.

Now that I am back with many of the people I was with before I know that I will not only work hard but be rewarded for it in so many ways. It's crazy, but all of the experiences I had between my internship and now prepared me for the unique skill set that is required of the current job I have. I often wondered why I did not get a job at this place after I completed my internship and now I have the answer. God wanted me to gain the experiences to have the right knowledge and an appreciation for good people. As a 22 year old I would have not fully realized what a blessing it is to be with genuine people. And although I made more money working at a different job, I had to trade off being respected. That is not the case anymore.

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