Monday, July 14, 2008

A few things I am realizing as I continue to grow into myself

1. No matter what the job is, people will get on my nerves. People will try to take my kindness for granted. I gotta make sure that I work hard but play equally as hard or I will burn out.

2. No matter how much money I make I will want to spend it all. Increases in income tend to lead to increases in spending unless I keep a watch on it.

3. I love to eat and I do it for comfort. I don't look like I weigh what I weigh but I still do need to get that under control. And I have been making efforts towards that.

4. I love the idea of organization but putting it into practice.... ummm... not so much.

5. I am turning into my mother in some ways, and turning away from her in others. And I didn't even have to have children yet to realize this.

6. I am a bold contradiction of things: sweet yet bossy, lazy yet hard-working, understanding yet brash, etc..... but that's just who I be!!


Nicki said...

STOP CHANGING YOUR LAYOUT!!!!! LOL :) It took me a minute in a half to realize I was on the right page.

Hilary said...

Girl, you are singing my song with #2, #3, and #5! All part of the growing process I suppose.