Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What’s good for me vs. what’s good to me (a very long post)

I like to think of myself as pretty knowledgeable when it comes to healthy foods and exercise. I have been through personal training, dieting, and have read books and researched how to be healthy. Knowing all of these things I still find myself making daily decisions that are not good for me. I instead choose what is good to me, or what feels good at the moment.

For example, I know that the chicken nuggets, waffle fries, sweet tea, and small ice dream cup that is the meal I get at Chick-fil-a is not good for me. However, in those 15 minutes that I take to consume it, it is good to me.

I also know that my sitting in the house instead of taking a walk or using the fitness center is not good for me. However, not getting hot and sweaty and chilling out is good to me.

I think that if we all get real, I mean really real with ourselves, we will realize that most of the stuff we do and consume is junk! All of the processed food is not good for the body. All of the sugar and sodium were not meant to be consumed. Diet foods with fake chemicals and sweeteners are just not natural. And really, meat is full of hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals too. Dairy is essentially mucous. I know these things and I believe these things. What makes me a bit ashamed is I still consume these things.

I have been phasing out the “bad” things little by little. I switched to organic and natural (paraben and sodium laurel sulfate free) bath and body products. I am switching out my household cleaners for “green” alternatives. This is pretty easy to me.

The difficult piece of this transformation is changing what I consume. I have cut out pork, which is not too big of a deal for me. Never really liked it much to begin with. Next I am on a mission to cut out beef. That should be a little more difficult because I love me some Five Guys about once a week. Then I will work toward reducing my poultry intake. I think that, even though some hard core health freaks say it’s not good for you, I will still keep seafood in my diet. The absolute hardest thing for me to reduce in my diet is processed foods. I try to get the lesser of the evils by buying organic processed food. But none of it is good for me, just good to me. I am not even going to set myself up for failure and say I won’t eat cookies and crackers and french fries from time to time. I just have to reeducate myself on what a treat is. It should be occasional, meaning at a maximum once a week.

The other HUGE barrier to overcome is eating out. I have to actually plan my meals and prepare them at home.

The physical activity component to this will have to be gradual as well. I would like for my friends to partner up with me in this but I may have to do it alone. D will also work out with me.

I have been considering one last thing to get me on the road to a more conscious way of life and feeling better. I would like to do a herbal detox and raw food diet. www.dherbs.com has one that I keep hearing about.

I really do want to look good in the long term, not just feel good in the moment. That would be true great health and happiness.

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Hilary said...

This is a debate I have with myself on a daily basis. Right now, I'm on the lo-carb thing -- keeping my bread, pasta, rice, cereal, potatoes and so on to a once every two or three day minimum and even then, only at one meal. Sure, I slip up, it's hard not to.

I did the Martha's Vineyard 21 lbs. in 21 days detox diet -- that was tough. I lasted 10 days and lost 5 lbs.

I think you are on the right track and wish you lots of luck. I hope to get motivated by your example!