Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes we can!

I am so excited about Obama becoming our next president. I am seeing people come around to supporting him now that they realize how utterly stupid it would be to back McCain. Although there are still a few idiots out there who are making the case against Obama with dumb reasons. This morning as I was listening to Russ Parr, this guy called in and said he was going to vote for McCain because having a black man in the white house would ruin our economy. WTF?! Isn't our economy pretty much shit right now? And last I checked a black man was not currently in the white house. Where did this guy get this idea? He later admitted that he's just getting into politics and really doesn't know much about the current state of the government. Or how about the people who are shallow enough to let some moral issues such as gay marriage and abortion be the only reason they pick a candidate. I personally think that these issues are not relevant to how the country is ran. A decision to love someone or what a woman does with her body are personal matters. Politicians know that these issues touch the heart, so they use them to rope in voters who don't truly look at the whole picture.

People: Do not be blinded by small distractions. See the bigger picture, think of our futures! If you don't already have children, chances are you will within 10 years. What kind of country and world do you want your family to inherit? One that has a depleted environment, ongoing wars, poor economy, faltering job market, and filthy rich oil companies? And all that you will be able to say is "At least those gays can't marry!" Yeah, that's really going to matter when you can't work, eat, or put gas in your car! Vote for change. Don't let people tell you that Obama's ideas are impossible.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Slowing down

For the past 6 months I have been going at a frantic pace, working three jobs. I have been thinking about how I don't really have too much time for myself anymore and I came to a decision. I am going to drop my weekend job. It was supposed to be seasonal anyways but they wanted me to stay on indefinitely. Well, I was really tempted to keep going but now it's sinking in that I have other equally important things to do with my time. The wedding planning is kicking into high gear soon, so that will require more time and effort on my part. I am also still trying to get my own business off the ground. I have not made a card to sell in about two months.

I am reclaiming my "me" time!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am in the middle of deciding on some career changes yet again. I am faced with a difficult situation because I am being offered two positions and each of them are appealing in thier own way. I think that the one that I really want will be challenging because I will be once again supervising someone who is older than me and just plain mean! I was in this situaion before and it was very tough. I was told by the person who offered me this new opportunity that in order to handle that sitation I will need to do one thing: GROW UP! That hit me kinda hard, I mean I thought I was grown. But am I really? I think that in some ways yes (the house, the fiance, the responsible adult like behavior) but the one area where I do sometimes feel immature is the workplace. It can be itimidating and I should learn how to be a better manager. So, I am accepting this challange and I have to remember that ultimately I should strive for excellence.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sticking with it

I really did try to get a reception venue close to my church so we could switch the ceremony there but alas, there are few and those that I do like are just not in the budget. So, I have made up my mind to just be happy with what I have already booked and throw away all the info on other places. It is just not an option at this point in time. It would have been really cool to have the wedding at the church but it causes so much other drama (color clashes, location) that it is just not worth it. I think that to satisfy my itch to change something I will be still doing bolder colors. I have an article that has a funky modern seaside wedding featured in it and I love the colors. They are blue, purple, and orange. Now I know it sounds strange but the shades are nice. I will try to find and post pics. TTFN.

Monday, August 4, 2008


I don't really know if this particular entry has a theme. Just getting some thoughts out of my head and onto the blog. My first random thought is how does the day go by so quickly? Well, I think partly it is because for the whole month of August my job has mandated 4 day work weeks with 10 hour days. Yep, that's 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. It sucks balls. I really am not a morning person and although D told me I would get used to it somehow I don't believe him (he needs more people). I will try my best to be a semi-chipper morning person. But first I have to master the whole get out of bed when the alarm clock goes off thing. The snooze button and me are BFF. D has to call me on my cell phone when he sleeps in another room so I actually will get my arse outta bed. Ok, onto other random topics that pop into my head:

I am listening to Goapele "Closer". I used to put this song on repeat and listen to it half the day at my desk, back when I had an actual office. The place I work at now has not allocated me any space. That's tough for a person like me because I love to decorate my little office space with cute doodads and office supplies. So now I have two boxes of ish from my old office that are currently homeless and living in my living room closet.

I think that's about all the random rambling I can do for now. Just felt like I needed to update this here blog. Oh yeah, D is still waiting to hear from like a billion jobs.... Say a prayer for us.