Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am in the middle of deciding on some career changes yet again. I am faced with a difficult situation because I am being offered two positions and each of them are appealing in thier own way. I think that the one that I really want will be challenging because I will be once again supervising someone who is older than me and just plain mean! I was in this situaion before and it was very tough. I was told by the person who offered me this new opportunity that in order to handle that sitation I will need to do one thing: GROW UP! That hit me kinda hard, I mean I thought I was grown. But am I really? I think that in some ways yes (the house, the fiance, the responsible adult like behavior) but the one area where I do sometimes feel immature is the workplace. It can be itimidating and I should learn how to be a better manager. So, I am accepting this challange and I have to remember that ultimately I should strive for excellence.

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