Monday, September 1, 2008

Wedding madness

Why the hell does any and everything having to do with a wedding cost a bajillion dollars? I always thought that I would not be the type of person to put a wedding on credit and be paying for it for years after the "big day" but now I find myself 9 months away from the wedding and really having that to be the only option. My parents are giving us a nice portion of the budget but there are still thousands (thousands!) to be covered after thier contribution. I mean the wedding is about to cost what a new car would! That's just bananas. But it's difficult to stop this train once it's on the tracks. I envisioned a certain look and feel for the ceremony and the reception and now to make it come to life I have to pay, dearly :-(
I can't think about it too much cause it's just a wee bit overwhelming.

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