Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008- The year in review

How was 2008 for you? Here is what happened in my world:

January- I purchased my first home. I am pretty happy in my little condo most of the time. I've had the first time homeowner headaches, such as mice and little repairs to take care of. It's been a good experience though.

February- I got engaged after 5 looonnngggggg years

March- Began planning the wedding and also started getting depressed about the cost of it all!

April- I think that this is when I started to get in a funk. Why? I don't know.

May- Got laid off unexpectedly from my job. It hit me hard. I was unemployed and my fiance started living with me right after he graduated from grad school. So, two broke jobless people were sitting around the house.

June- I turned 26, starting the slope toward 30! I also landed my current job.

July- I can't really remember anything spectacular happening this month.

August- We were in the thick of a big relationship struggle. D was having a hard time getting a job and it was weighing on us.

September- D got a wonderful job!

October- I began experiencing dissatisfaction with my job. Splitting two departments continues to be a struggle for me to grasp.

November- I hosted my parents and a family friend for my first Thanksgiving in my house. And the D got appendicitis Thanksgiving weekend. Our first medical challenge as an engaged couple.

December- Wrapping up the year on a positive note. Me and my girls have formed a self-help group to work on our areas of improvement. I am looking forward to learning what motivates me and how I can really be the woman God intended me to be.

2009 is sure to a great year. I welcome it with open arms. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 15, 2008

12 days of Christmas

This year since money is tight, I had the idea for D and me to do the 12 days of Christmas. Today is day two. I made up a list of like 17 ideas for him to pick from ranging from a foot rub, to one glazed Krispy Kreme, a bottle of smart water, and help cleaning out my closet. His list as of last night had the following: Gum and oatmeal cream pies. My special baby.......

Wedding to do's

So far I feel pretty ahead of the curve with wedding planning. I have the following things done:

Bridesmaids dresses picked out
Invites picked out
Began premarital counseling

These things are next on my list:

Order bridesmaids dresses
Order invite materials (I am making them myself)
Book wedding night hotel rooms
Start buying items for bridal party gifts
Work on decor details

I'm sure that there are one million more tiny things that I am not thinking of at the moment but for now that is enough...

Oh, and I have to have this: