Thursday, January 29, 2009

So far, so good

I have been on my "eat better but don't be stupid about it" plan for the past 3 days and it hasn't been that bad. Yesterday I did have a bit of a splurge. My job took the kids to McDonald's for a field trip (?) and I got a hot fudge sundae and small fries. However, I counted the calories and had a pretty light supper to compensate for it. I am kinda doing my own plan, having a slim fast meal bar for breakfast, a lean cuisine or soup or something light for lunch ( I recommend the Healthy Choice Zesty Marinara Mixer), a slim fast shake for a mid afternoon snack and then a bowl or two of cream of wheat for dinner. This comes out to about 1200-1500 calories depending on the day. I am still fighting off the remnants of my ear infection so I have not worked exercise back into my routine however I have a pretty active job so I feel good about burning a decent amount of calories. Next week I will get back into going to the fitness center at least 3 times per week for one mile of cardio. I also have not been good about fresh fruit and veggies but that is a budgetary thing since we did not have money to get groceries. So (deep breath) I am going to share my weight to the blogosphere..... I am 5'7 and (as of now) 192 lbs. My goal is to be 172 by mid April. Wish me luck!

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