Thursday, February 19, 2009

Even more 101

To recap my current list...

1. Pay off a minimum of 75% of my credit card debt.
2. Loose and keep off 25 lbs.
3. Sell my condo.
4. Move into a 5 bedroom house.
5. Participate in a marathon, as a walker.
6. Grow my relaxer out and cut off my hair.
7. Visit DC and see all the cool historical sites.
8. Maintain regular visits with my girls.
9. Become an ESL teacher.
10. Go through all my boxes of random stuff and put them in order.
11. Wear makeup more often
12. Learn to be more of morning person
13. Learn a new craft
14. Be more consistent with keeping my house cleaned everyday
15. Take a course on wedding planning
16. Start a habit of walking Andy every morning for my and his exercise
17. Take pictures more often
18. Learn to have a positive attitude even in the face of difficult times
19. Be less quick to anger when it comes to my loved ones
20. Drink at least 4 glasses of water a day (working my way up to 8)
21. Complete a detox program
22. Reduce the amount of fast food I consume
23. Find a community service project to get involved in
24. Take a vacation of some sort each year
25. Speak Spanish more often

And now.....

26. Try 10 new recipes
27. Journal once a week
28. Tell my loved ones how much I love them whenever the mood strikes
29. Spend more time at my parent's house in the country. It's good for my soul :-)
30. Scrapbook (it helps relieve the stress)

Wow, it can be difficult to come up with 101 things! Good luck BFF :-)

1 comment:

Nicki said...

Yeah I'm already struggling to think of more things. And how do you learn to become a morning person? I may need to put that on my list too!