Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reflecting on some things

Here lately I have been wanting more and better things that what I currently have. I complain that my condo is too small and I can't wait for D and I to buy our dream 5 bedroom,, 3.5 bath suburban home. I complain about the work I do now and how I can't wait to get my teacher certification and license so I can switch careers. I complain about the wedding planning process and how I just can't wait to be married. There is a big problem with this mind set: I will never be happy with what I currently have for wanting the next big thing. I just realized this today. I need to be more mindful of the moment. I can be a much happier person if I choose to be. I can enjoy my current home. I can have fun and memorable experiences from the wedding planning process. I can grow my professional skills and make connections at my current job. Sure, every day will not be a happy one but there can still be happy moments in each day. I can take the lemons that I think life is handing me and make lemonade. I am blessed beyond measure. I have a warm home that I am able to pay the mortgage on. I have a job that, for the time being, is secure. I have wonderful parents and fabulous friends. I have a man that knows I am a crazy but yet still wants to marry me :-) So, I challenge anyone else who happens to read my humble little blog to live in the moment, no matter what that moment is.

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Nicki said...

:) My Bestie...so poignant.