Saturday, March 28, 2009

Right on time

Today I worked my last day at a job that was a bittersweet experience. The timing was perfect that I was able to leave now. I worked in two programs and one of them is being cut. Also, everyone in the agency is getting 10% pay decreases. The harsh realities of the economy have hit my now former job. What a blessing that I am able to move on and not be affected by these changes. I do feel bad for the staff and the clients who will be affected by what has happened. I hope that things start to look up soon.

Now my resume looks pretty shaky. I have a string of jobs that did not work out. I started off well. I worked my first post-college job for 2.3 years. I even managed a promotion while I was there. Then things started to get complicated. I met some guys who were interested in hiring me and a friend to help them launch a human services agency. We rode the waves of a new business; bad office space, ever changing policies, and high turnover. The reason I parted ways with the company were two-fold: they were behind on my wages and they had a habit of yelling at their employees. This job lasted 5 months.

That led to my next job. It had the makings of a dream career for a 25 year old. I was a manager, in charge of my own office and staff. I made my own schedule, worked in a great office downtown and made decent money. Then the recession got into full swing and I was laid off on my day off! This job lasted 8 months.

And now I close the chapter on yet another job choice that didn't work out. Another short (8 month) stint on my resume. This time I am staying at my new job for a good long while. I have to feel stable again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wait....those are marshmallows?

D is eating a bowl of Lucky Charms...

Me: Let me get a marshmallow.
D: There's no marshmallows in here.
Me: What did you think those colorful things were?
D: I don't know. They are hard, how can they be marshmallows?
Me: They are like the marshmallows that come in hot cocoa.
D: Those are not hard. They are always soft when I drink hot cocoa.
Me: Well they are dehydrated then then hydrate when they hit the cocoa.

Yeah.... a sample of what we talk about on a Thursday night at 7:45.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The first step

In my quest to loose a few pounds, I find myself once again starting over. I just went to the grocery store and spent $60 bucks on.... IDK? I am gonna make make at least two meals a day for the next 7 days outta this food though and hopefully stretch it out even further. So here are some items in my starter kit:

Green Leaf Lettuce
Organic Carrots
Organic Gala Apples
Organic Navel Oranges
Red Grapes

Organic wheat crackers
Sweet corn soup
Organic cream of tomato soup
Amy's Cheese enchilada Whole Meal
Amy's shepherd pie
Laughing cow light cheese

I am trying to work up the courage to start an herbal cleanse but I am scared. I already spent the money on it and can't take it back but I am a little weary of herbs and I can't find information about the particular ones in this kit.

Friday, March 13, 2009

So maybe not so much 101

So I decided that 101 is a bit much so I am going to cap it at 35. With so many other things going on in my life I gotta keep it real and obtainable. (Ms. M feel free to pare yours down too, LOL) Ok so to recap and update......

1. Pay off a minimum of 75% of my credit card debt. (Already paid off one credit card and working steadily on the others)
2. Loose and keep off 25 lbs. (Uhhhhh, yeah. I'm back on this starting tomorrow. LOL)
3. Sell my condo. (This goal is for later in the 1001 days)
4. Move into a 5 bedroom house. (Ditto above)
5. Participate in a marathon, as a walker. (Next year, for sure)
6. Grow my relaxer out and cut off my hair. (Right after the wedding I am going to start cutting. Actually before we go on the honeymoon)
7. Visit DC and see all the cool historical sites. (This would be cool to do later on this summer)
8. Maintain regular visits with my girls. (I have seen my girls a little more lately)
9. Become an ESL teacher. (I'm taking a class now that moves me closer)
10. Go through all my boxes of random stuff and put them in order. (Made some progress but moving slowly)
11. Wear makeup more often (Yeah, not so much yet)
12. Learn to be more of morning person (Still working towards it)
13. Learn a new craft (I think I will take up knitting)
14. Be more consistent with keeping my house cleaned everyday (Doing ok with some rooms)
15. Take a course on wedding planning (In the fall)
16. Start a habit of walking Andy every morning for my and his exercise (poor Andy I still neglect him)
17. Take pictures more often (my camera batteries need to stay charged)
18. Learn to have a positive attitude even in the face of difficult times (I think I am doing a lot better at this)
19. Be less quick to anger when it comes to my loved ones (Kinda doing better)
20. Drink at least 4 glasses of water a day (working my way up to 8)
21. Complete a detox program (I'm starting tomorrow)
22. Reduce the amount of fast food I consume (Uhhhh, no comment)
23. Find a community service project to get involved in (I'm thinking volunteering with the SPCA)
24. Take a vacation of some sort each year (Going to Miami this year and also a couple other small trips are planned)
25. Speak Spanish more often (Was just speaking Espanol today)
26. Try 10 new recipes (I have them picked out)
27. Journal once a week (I need to dig it out of my closet)
28. Tell my loved ones how much I love them whenever the mood strikes (I told my girl that I loved her today)
29. Spend more time at my parent's house in the country. It's good for my soul :-)
30. Scrapbook (it helps relieve the stress)

And to finish it off

31. Read a new book each month
32. Develop a 3 times a week fitness routine
33. Build up my savings to have a cushion in the lean times
34. Develop a plan for my own business
35. Increase my veggie and fruit consumption

Whew!!! I am finished!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How it is vs. How it should be

How it is:

I wake up at the last possible moment. I have to be at work at 10:00 so I usually get up at 9:20. I take a 10 minute shower. I put on whatever is not wrinkled and try to grab something to eat for lunch and run out the door at 9:45. I walk in the front door of my job at 10:05. I go upstairs and sign into my computer. I check all 3 of my Yahoo accounts, my Google Reader and my work e-mail account. I go about my day of various client appointments with bursts of goofing off in between. I talk with my co-workers, do some paperwork that is always behind, and make phone calls. Lunch time rolls around at 1:45. I pack up all my items and go to my second office (within the same company). I grab lunch at my desk because by this time no one else is in the break room to break bread with. While eating I check in on Facebook and more Google Reader. I give D a call and see how his day is going at work and usually get calls sent up from the receptionist who forgets that I am on my lunch break. At about 2:15 I change hats and start to put a plan into place for the kids in the after-school program. I get snack ready while they are being picked up from school. When they arrive I serve snack and we proceed with whatever activity is planned for the day. The kids pluck on my nerves in various ways for 2.5 hours and then go home. I recap with my co-worker, go upstairs and check various things on the computer, do a little paperwork and go home. I get home and walk Andy then feed him (D does the feeding in the morning and lets him out to pee). I piddle on the computer, watch TV, and maybe cook dinner. I eat various junk. I pretty much laze about the house all evening playing my DS, playing on the computer, and watching re-runs of TV shows. I lay down to sleep around 11:30-12:00 and the next day it starts all over again.

How it should be:

I wake up at 8:00 am. I feed Andy and then we go for a walk. I get back into the house and check my accounts while I eat a healthy breakfast. I pack my balanced lunch after breakfast and then I hop in the shower around 9:00. After my shower I put on my already picked out and wrinkle free outfit (ironed the night before) and apply a little makeup. It is now 9:30 and I am ready to go out the door. I arrive at work at 9:50. I get settled in and then dive into my work without as much goofing off in between. I enjoy what I do and I get to take lunch with other people. I only have one position so I can better concentrate on doing a great job. When I get home I walk Andy and feed him. I then go back out for my own walk for another 20 minutes. I get back in the house and cook a healthy delicious dinner. I have one sensible snack while watching just an hours worth of TV. I spend the rest of the evening working on my homework and talking with D. I do a little cleaning to keep my house tidy and I go to bed at 11:00.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm still trying to to work on the whole appreciate where I am right now thing. I have improved my appreciation of my house, having taken the time to rearrange my living room and cleaning my house. It is still not perfect but I feel better about my environment. I am also getting more enjoyment out of the wedding planning process. This weekend my bridesmaids came over and we had an invitation party (to be continued this weekend with Ms. M). Although it was tedious it was a rare opportunity that the four of us got together to just talk and enjoy each others company.

The one area that I am still trying to enjoy is work. I have had a string of some pretty rough days lately. Through it all I am still trying to maintain a positive attitude. Just keep swimming.....