Saturday, March 28, 2009

Right on time

Today I worked my last day at a job that was a bittersweet experience. The timing was perfect that I was able to leave now. I worked in two programs and one of them is being cut. Also, everyone in the agency is getting 10% pay decreases. The harsh realities of the economy have hit my now former job. What a blessing that I am able to move on and not be affected by these changes. I do feel bad for the staff and the clients who will be affected by what has happened. I hope that things start to look up soon.

Now my resume looks pretty shaky. I have a string of jobs that did not work out. I started off well. I worked my first post-college job for 2.3 years. I even managed a promotion while I was there. Then things started to get complicated. I met some guys who were interested in hiring me and a friend to help them launch a human services agency. We rode the waves of a new business; bad office space, ever changing policies, and high turnover. The reason I parted ways with the company were two-fold: they were behind on my wages and they had a habit of yelling at their employees. This job lasted 5 months.

That led to my next job. It had the makings of a dream career for a 25 year old. I was a manager, in charge of my own office and staff. I made my own schedule, worked in a great office downtown and made decent money. Then the recession got into full swing and I was laid off on my day off! This job lasted 8 months.

And now I close the chapter on yet another job choice that didn't work out. Another short (8 month) stint on my resume. This time I am staying at my new job for a good long while. I have to feel stable again.

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Megan said...

I think it is almost expected to have a "string of jobs" with the given economy. Good luck finding your dream job! :0)