Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wait....those are marshmallows?

D is eating a bowl of Lucky Charms...

Me: Let me get a marshmallow.
D: There's no marshmallows in here.
Me: What did you think those colorful things were?
D: I don't know. They are hard, how can they be marshmallows?
Me: They are like the marshmallows that come in hot cocoa.
D: Those are not hard. They are always soft when I drink hot cocoa.
Me: Well they are dehydrated then then hydrate when they hit the cocoa.

Yeah.... a sample of what we talk about on a Thursday night at 7:45.

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Nicki said...

*Blinking* know how they say people are made for one another? You two share a specialness that's gonna make for a very interesting rest of your lives...Wow!