Sunday, April 26, 2009

What a weekend!

Right now I am sitting on the couch, watching Napoleon Dynamite, next to a sleeping dog and fiance. I feel like sleeping too but I am trying to motivate to get some things done around the house and work on notes for my job. So... here's the weekend in review. I went to class yesterday morning from 8:00-10:30 then I jetted over to my bridal shower.

It was very nice. My mom and bridesmaids did a great job decorating and the food was yummy. I got a lot of nice gifts. I loved the dress that I was wearing.

I wanted to keep it on for the rest of the day but it was so HOT yesterday that a shower was in order before moving onto the next activity. So after helping clean up the bridal shower I came home and freshened up. I changed into my lovely BR zebra dress (well I wasn't going to wear this one at first but D didn't like my first choice) and we off we went to the wedding of D's frat brother.

It was a very nice wedding. It gave me a few ideas for what we want to do with ours (35 days away!!!!) and somethings we don't want to do. It made us worry a little bit because this wedding was inside a church and it was still warm for everyone inside. Ours is going to be outdoors so hopefully our guests don't pass out from the heat (or worse D!)

Ok, time to stop procrastinating and do something productive with my life. It was fun but I gotta get back to business.

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Nicki said...

So I think you should give me the dress you wore to the wedding. I think it would go great with my banging hair today. :) It's all about banging hair today.