Monday, April 27, 2009

Why I Blog

Sometimes I wonder... why is blogging so popular? What makes us tell intimate details of our life to complete strangers? Well... I think that for me it is all about the shared human experience. Whether we admit it or not, we all look for validation from others. If we have a job that sucks, we want to know that others are going through the same thing. Since I am currently planning a wedding (for another 33 days at least!), I have a ton of wedding blogs on my google reader. Some of the blogs I read are for entertainment such as YKYDAW. And still others I read because they help me keep up with friends who I have known forever and meet new ones. When someone writes about something that I can identify with I think it's cool. Sometimes we spend so much time in our little bubble we forget that others have already traveled the path we are on and may have a few wise words to share.

D doesn't get the whole blogging thing but I really like it. I know that part of the reason he doesn't like it is I put him on blast in some of my entries ☺

So I blog to express myself, I blog to meet people, I blog because it's entertaining. Why do you blog?


Nicki said...

I'm a blogger because I'm an aspiring writer. So any writing is practice for what I one day want to do forever. That and I'm a little bit of a narcissist. I blame my parents... :)

Hilary said...

I blog because I used to journal every day and missed the catharsis it afforded me. I blog because I wanted to be a writer but life got in the way. I blog because I type way faster than I can write by hand. I blog because the adventures of being at home with two little ones hasn't yet morphed into our very own reality show. I blog because I don't want to study for my exam tomorrow ;)