Monday, May 4, 2009

The countdown is on

Only 26 days until my single life is over! I am quite overwhelmed with all the last minute things on my to do list. We keep reworking the budget, shifting money from one category to the other in order to make everything as nice as possible while keeping in mind that there is life after May 30! Now that we are so close and everything is in motion, I wish I would have just stuck to a smaller wedding. But it is hard to do that because that means really limiting the guest list. It means possibly hurting some folks feelings because there isn't room on the guest list for them. So many times D and I talked about revamping the plans for the wedding. We talked about just getting married in my church and having a cake and punch reception. But that did not feel like us. We wanted dancing. We talked about having a dry reception but that too did not feel like us. We drink and so do our friends. Let's be real, if you have ever went to a reception that was dry, people eat then bounce. Not much dancing happens and people don't hang around.

So after all of the debating about what style of reception to have, we came up with a compromise. We are having a cocktail reception. I know that this is not that popular around where we live but we thought it would be fun and semi-affordable. I just hope that our guests are not too confused when the enter the reception site and don't see tables for each guest. Our wedding coordinator said that we should provide seating for only 3/4 of the guests to encourage mingling. It should be interesting...

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