Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hello my name is....

Andydawg's mom and I am a procrastinator.

(Hi Andydawg's mom)

This procrastination of mine has been my companion for most of my life now. It all began in first grade. I started going to school on the regular schedule after a whole year of p.m. Kindergarten (11:00-3:00 ish). I did not want to wake up on the earlier schedule, so I would sleep up until the last possible moment. I was starting of my day with procrastination. This still is pretty much what I do to this day. As I type, I am perfecting the art of procrastination. I have a ton of notes to type for work that are due on Tuesday in addition to 3 reports due this week. I told myself that I would work on it this weekend. Instead I helped my BFF pack up her apartment, cleaned my house, ate dinner at BFF's new apartment, and generally goofed around. Even now with it being Sunday night I still can't quite motivate to really get into working. I am always setting myself up for that last minute crunch. Burning the midnight oil while my bleary eyes stare at my laptop. Will I ever change? I hope so. But for now it's back to my last minute hustle.

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