Thursday, May 7, 2009

UPS mess

I hate UPS! The first thing that they did to get on my s#*t list was to loose D's wedding band. It took a month to get another one shipped to us. I was so glad I ordered it way in advance of May. Now they are giving me the run around on a lovely wedding gift that my moms co-worker purchased for us. Here is the saga:

I wasn't home for the first delivery attempt, so they left a slip. Since it required a signature to authorize me to leave it with a neighbor, that is what I did.

Yesterday I was home for 75% of the day. I left for a while and taped the slip to the door in case I missed the UPS man. He had checked the boxes that he would be at my house anywhere between 10-5 (what a ridiculous time range!). I got home after 5 and the slip was still on the door! I took the slip off and figured he would just come the next day. I did a few things around the house and then I ran out to Target to get an ink cartridge (had to print my Oprah KFC coupon, LOL). I got back home around 7:30 and lo and behold, there is another slip on my door!

Next, I go online to let UPS know that I will just pick the darn package up myself. The automated computer thingy says I can get it today.

Do you think it was there when I drove all the way to BFE to get it? Of course not, that would be too much like the right thing to do.

UPS tried to blame that on me. They said I changed the directions too late and it had to be done before 7:00 pm. My package was back on the truck. How in the HELL could I have changed it earlier than 7:00 when the man didn't attempt to deliver it until after 7:00. I will never send nothing by UPS. EVER.

Ok, my rant is over :-) Back to your regularly scheduled programing.


Nicki said...

That's interesting, my mortal enemy is the post office. Like the same thing that happened to you happened to me but with the post office. The dude refused to pick up the redelivery card thing. So I had to find the post office. Granted my package was just fruit snacks that I can't find in Richmond.

Liggy said...

I've disliked UPS for the longest time. In two distribution companies I worked that used UPS, our small packages were always getting smashed. I also had a bad experience with them during the time Hurricane Isabel caused us to lose power in pretty much throughout the state. My sister in law in another state used UPS to ship us a brand new generator from the company she worked at. The generator was delivered by UPS late and used, with oil leaking out of it. Apparently a UPS worker decided to borrow it for awhile without our consent during the power outage. You betcha I wrote complaint letters to UPS about it. They did not even do anything about it. I really dislike them.