Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding lessons learned

I'm back and I'm a Mrs! The ceremony was beautiful. The reception was fun. I learned a few things that I will take into my future work as a wedding coordinator (something I have always wanted to to). I have a few things that I wished we would have done differently. I kinda wish we had hired a different wedding coordinator. She did do her job and she pulled the day together but... I don't feel like we were really heard during the whole planning process. So, my advice to anyone who is still in the planning process:

1. If you hire a coordinator, pick someone who respects your budget no matter what it is.

2. Be really detailed with what your vision is for each element of your wedding. Make sure that the person who is in charge of the day has a thorough understanding of that vision.

3. Things will go wrong. Don't sweat it. The morning of the wedding I woke up to a text from my hair and makeup person saying instead of her arriving at 8:00 she would be there at 12:00. I didn't freak out. I just called the necessary people and readjusted the day.

4. If you make a bridal survival kit, like I did, (it contained tissue, stain wipes, chapstick,band-aids, mints, etc), make sure someone actually brings it along. I had four bridesmaids who each had a kit and no one actually brought it to the wedding. And we needed it, several times.

5. Dance all night, don't let you new hubby get pulled away too much, and try to eat more than just the one bite of cake.

I feel a little strange now that this big event is behind me. What's next? Back to work for this week, then off to our one week honeymoon, my 27th birthday, moving to a bigger house soon (within one year hopefully), and just enjoying being married.


Nicki said...

We were all pretty inept with the survival kits weren't we? Luckily we all survived just a little teary eyed, with stained dressed and a cut ankle (I am a klutz).

Nina Diane said...

congrats! I hope you will post more pics soon. I'm glad that all went fairly well......

Hilary said...

Congrats again. We had a great time and you guys looked wonderful. I love your advice and #5 is right on target.