Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Planning for the future

Last night/early this morning (I never went to bed),I had a light bulb moment while I was doing my last minute work. I realized that the plan that D and I have to start having babies clashes directly with my next career move. Here are the factors:

*I am 27. I want to have my first child before 30.
*We want to at least celebrate our one year anniversary before getting pregnant.
*I need to shed about 20 lbs before I start thinking about conceiving.
*The program that I am trying to enroll in to become a teacher would begin in January 2010. I would start teaching in September 2010 on a provisional license while finishing up classes. THEN I would be eligible to get a regular 5 year teaching license. I would be 29 at the conclusion of this program.

My hypothetical future children are already switching up my plans....

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Nina Diane said...

and that's only the beginning....:)