Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random thoughts about stuff that annoys me

The facebook quiz thing is getting way outta control. I mean is there really a need for a "What black greek organization stereotype are you?" quiz?! Everyone that has shown up on my frontpage that has taken this quiz does not belong to any of these
organizations, so why the hell do they take the quiz? It just irks me for some reason. And I am not even a part of a sorority so I bet it's really annoying to those who are....

Why do people like to complain about always being broke but then stay with the "new-new" every time you see them. It amazes me that even in this sucky economy that people don't have their priorities straight. If you want to stay fresh, that's fine. Just don't complain about your lack of cash. On the same note: if you choose to have children, don't always complain about how they don't give you a moments rest. You signed up for that package when you declined to use birth control.

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Nicki said...

Preach! And get rid of the I'm a fan of random stupid crap thing. I don't care to know about your fascination with hot showers, morning sex or popsicles.

And my sister and her daily "my kids are getting on my nerves" facebook updates are out of control. I think she thinks she's some wealthy, stressed, stay at home mother, when she's quite the opposite. It's really quite special... :-*