Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't take it for granted

Last week I learned that my former next door neighbor passed away at the very young age of 51. This was a woman who was not only a neighbor but a friend. She was in attendance at both my parents wedding and mine. She gave me advice when I made the decision to go into social work because she was a social worker herself. She had two boys, so she liked to do my hair and encouraged me to pledge the sorority that she tried to join when she was in college (although I didn't). I was so shocked and it was just another reminder of how we must cherish this gift of life that God has given us. I could say so much more about this but the words just won't come out right. I just know that I appreciate her presence in my life and I take with me the lesson to appreciate my loved ones each day and to take better care of myself too.

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