Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Lately I have been feeling a little bit blah. I work a high stress, high burnout job. I am thankful for many things about my job, most of all just having one! But... that doesn't mean it still doesn't get to me at times. Being a counselor I hear about other people's problems all the time. I am basically a sounding board. When I am done absorbing other people's problems, who do I unload on? Today I called my health insurance company to inquire about my mental health benefits. I found out that each session of outpatient therapy would cost $40 in copayment. Most of the time outpatient therapy requires weekly visits, so that would quickly add up. I told the lady not to even bother with the authorization because I just couldn't afford that. It's a shame that even with heatlh insurance, healthcare is not very affordable for working people. The people that I work with get better service because they are on Medicaid and at no cost to them they can have counseling and whatever else they need. Sigh.....

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