Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall goals

Lately I have been feeling so unfocused. I begin one task and then move to the next without finishing it. I have an issue with follow through. I get so overwhelmed by all that needs to be done so I end up doing one of two things: 1. Nothing 2. Just a little bit of something. Since it is a new month I have been inspired to break my to-do list into bite size pieces and tackle it. So this month here are my top 3 items to do.

1. Join (officially) Weight Watchers and lose at least 8 pounds. I now have a buddy to go to meetings with and that helps a lot. I have promised myself that I would give it at least a two month try since they are running the buy one month get the next free promo.

2. Study more for the exam I need to take to apply to the teaching program and register to take it in December.

3. Organize my living room closet. It is scary in there.

All of these goals feel manageable to me. Today I am going to work on studying since I have a little free time.

I now feel a little more in control.

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