Thursday, January 28, 2010

Being a wife

So.... I am 8 months into wifedom and the major thing that I don't like about it is having to answer one question every afternoon from my husband "What's for dinner?" I love to cook but not when I have been working all evening and I am tired. As a single woman, dinner could be a bowl of cereal, cream of wheat, or a kids meal from Chick-fil-A. Now I have a meat-loving hubby who expects something every night. I try to cook 3-4 times a week and then have leftovers or takeout the rest of the week. The funny thing is, when I cook I don't even eat it. It's like knowing what the meat looked like raw just turns me off from the food. Tonight I threw together some chicken stir fry and brown rice and I all I ate of it was some mini corn I picked out the wok.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here we are 2 days into the new year and I am thinking about my goals for this year. No resolutions. No promises of a whole new me. Truthfully, the only difference between this year and last year is 3 days. The turning of the calendar does not magically make anyone a new person. I have my ongoing goals of self-improvement that I keep in mind. This year my major goal is simple yet difficult: Utilize my time better. I waste gobs of time playing Farmville and Sorority Life on Facebook. I am not a very disciplined person so I play even when I have a deadline looming over my head for work. I am also a person who loves to sleep, therefore I have a difficult time waking up before 11:00 am unless I have something specific to do in the morning. Since I don't work traditional hours in an office setting, this is more often the case than not. So basically, I need to set myself up on a schedule no matter what the day. I don't expect an overnight change but I think it's realistic to develop better time management habits over the course of this year. My goal is not to be that mother who makes her child late to school every day, so while I am still childless I will work on that. Anywho...... Happy 2010!