Thursday, January 28, 2010

Being a wife

So.... I am 8 months into wifedom and the major thing that I don't like about it is having to answer one question every afternoon from my husband "What's for dinner?" I love to cook but not when I have been working all evening and I am tired. As a single woman, dinner could be a bowl of cereal, cream of wheat, or a kids meal from Chick-fil-A. Now I have a meat-loving hubby who expects something every night. I try to cook 3-4 times a week and then have leftovers or takeout the rest of the week. The funny thing is, when I cook I don't even eat it. It's like knowing what the meat looked like raw just turns me off from the food. Tonight I threw together some chicken stir fry and brown rice and I all I ate of it was some mini corn I picked out the wok.


Nina Diane said...

I don't like cooking after I get home from work either. I love to cook so I do on the weekends and make extra for the freezer. That way I always have something to pull out during the week

Hilary said...

I have always enjoyed cooking, even when I was living on my own. For as long as I've cooked, though, I can never get it together to plan out a full week of meals. I end up defrosting something brand new every day. Craig and the girls don't mind leftovers, but I'd rather eat something new. We'll have to swap recipes.

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