Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Calgon take me away..... wait, my tub is dirty

I wish my tub looked like this!

I am feeling a lil sickly right now. Allergies are kicking my a$$ but it's not in a "sneezy & watery eye" kinda way. Instead it's in a "feel run down and having off and on stopped up nose" kinda way. When I don't feel well I tend to want to soak in a nice hot bath. It is a magic cure for lots of ailments such as allergies, headaches, tummy aches, and "my hubby is stressing me out" aches.

However, it never fails that as soon as I pull back the shower curtain, I notice that the tub is not something I want to put my bare booty on. So I commence to scrubbing it down with my Green Work shower cleaner and tub brush. Then the problem becomes that I worry how well I have rinsed my eco friendly tub cleaner out because I don't want to put my bare booty on that either.

Then 95% of the time, I just take a shower instead.

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