Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sometimes I think....

If something strange is going to happen, it will happen to me. Sooooo, today the hubs and I go to a local park to take in the tour of the house, which is decorated for the holidays. We arrived to the park around 4, parking our car across the park, and went on the tour at 4:30. We finished the tour at 5:15 and knew that the park was closing so we swiftly walked across the park to make our way to our car. We knew that building we had walked through when we first got there would be locked but usually there is a gate on the side of that the building to go through. It too was locked.

Now I am in a panic as we make our way to yet another locked gate that was about a 5 minute walk from the first one. I figure that we need to jump the fence which is about 6 feet tall. Hubs gives me a boost but I, just having had a shoulder surgery, don't feel too steady to jump on over it. I tore my shirt, sweater, and have several scratches on my hand, stomach and arm. He made his way over and then I really start to panic, as I am now in a cold, dark, 100 acre park by myself!

I called 911 and informed them that I was locked in. As I was on the phone with the dispatcher, I decided to check one last gate. I was relieved to see that gate cracked slightly opened and I was just in time because someone was coming to lock it as I went through it.

I swear it felt like I was living through a made for TV movie!

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