Saturday, August 20, 2011

Random preggo thoughts and happenings

I know that I am getting closer to being a mommy based on the silly things I find myself doing here lately. Tonite the hubs and I hooked up the baby monitor and took turns crying into it to see how well it works. LOL. I felt silly but at least I knew it worked. I am also putting together all sorts of baby gear: playpen, stroller, you name it. I put the newborn sling on the bathtub and imagined him lying in it while I bathe him. All the NB and 0-3 clothes are washed and a good amount of them are at grandmas house for the first 1-2 weeks that we will be there recovering. Diapers of assorted sizes sit stacked in his room and his book shelf has a few great selections already. I plan to breastfeed but I have months worth of free formula in the pantry just in case. The hospital bag is packed and so is the diaper bag. We are taking an online course about childbirth and have already taken a newborn care and safety class as well as infant CPR and the L&D tour. I feel like time has flown. Only 43 days to go. Yikes!