Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Closer!

I am 38 weeks today. I have literally been pregnant all year and now it's time to make a shift from being preggo to being a mommy (to more than a little spoiled dachshund). Am I really ready? Well, how ready can one be before the actual arrival? As mentioned in the previous post, we have the material things all set up. The nursery decorated and the car seat installed. I think the prep work now is mental. It doesn't help that I hemmed and hawed about taking a childbirth class for quite a while. We took one online and that certainly was helpful but I am wondering if I should have plunked down the fee for the Lamaze class. If this little one stays put in the oven for a few more days, then we have a free childbirth class at the local hospital this Sunday. Hopefully, that will ease our minds and make us that much more knowledgeable. I know that D is getting a little nervous about being a dad but he will be great. I feel pretty confident about myself too!

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