Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pinterest is evil

I recently jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and I have found myself pinning all kinds of Martha-like recipes, kiddy projects and home decor/organizing ideas. These ideas that I have on my boards are a tease right now for two reasons:

1. I am still trying to figure out time management as a working mother.
2. Our house has exploded with baby toys and equipment while we wait out the process of purchasing our next home.

The picture perfect ideas I want to implement give way to my hectic life lately.

I see a picture on Pinterest that points me to a blog with healthy lunch ideas. I purchase all kinds of produce and healthy goods to make lunches for the hubs and me.

Truth: That stuff has sat in the fridge all week, mostly untouched and definitely not finding its way into neat little sectioned lunches for either of us.

Where do people get the time to be so perfect?!